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This book is comprised of six sections, each with an editor who has chosen a theme or idea and several artists who represent that theme. The editors have worked tirelessly and with great respect to create their sections, that we have also referred to as galleries. Think of this as a museum filled with different galleries. The editors have diverse voices, theories and ideas, and backgrounds. You will see emerging artists as well as veterans, who are often highly-respected editors, practitioners, and curators. The choices for editors were very intuitive. This project was destined to be a serial one. The first edition draws heavily on the Italian roots of the fields. You will see two sections dedicated to primarily Italian artists. There is plenty of research and theory about Italian art, its creative spring among other things — and that shows up here, too. As a special addition, Cheryl Penn has written an essay exploring the history of the Bhubezi women and asemic writing. A brilliant piece.ristine Snodgrass

WAAVe Global Gallery

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