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Set in an era of endless Cold War, a 21st century radiation-altered student confronts a mysterious, drug-centered, campus conspiracy that forces him to come to terms with how a nuclear accident affected him at birth.

            In Rad Sick Record, John Needle leaves his Miami home behind to become a graduate student in north Florida. He hopes to escape his notoriety of being one of the radiation-sickened babies of Incident ’80, children known for weird behavior and oddly glowing eyes. In his new setting, he’s introduced to peculiar natural wonders and a group of people with whom he finally feels connected. However, in the midst of this new and better life, a strange conspiracy unfolds on campus that has Needle as its target. Will he ever escape his label as one of south Florida’s “radiation sickened weirdos?" Will he uncover what’s at the root of these machinations, which center around the local, recreational drug TallaTec? In the end, he’s shocked to discover the bewildering interconnections at the heart of the conspiracy and the ramifications for all those, like him, born Rad Sick.

Rad Sick Record by Michael Trammell

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