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For almost two decades Suárez has been taking pictures with the same frequency as he has been writing poems. This entails rising early and taking my Yamaha V. Star 1100 Classic down the Blue Highways of the Southeast to reconnaissance the rural and forgotten crossroad-hearts of small towns, where old brick buildings with their artful masonry and metal ornamentation are one heartbeat away from being demolished. Suárez explores the sad state of affairs he finds in most small urban and rural places, that no place is spared the machinery that claws down the old and builds fast, over-night, covering the landscape. These photographs and Poems are place markers between Suárez’s long stretches of riding. This is a story of how our lives change in the ebb and flow of constant moving, and constant consumption. These pictures and poems keep track of the years, inspiring Suárez to make a case for that which is not easily discarded or readily forgotten. Not yet anyway.


Hypergraphia by Virgil Suárez

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